Economy / Investing

Taking Investment Advice from the Federal Reserve

Unless you’ve just woken up from a week-long coma, you already know that Ben Bernanke, C...

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Investing / personal finance / Planning

Most Financial Advisors Suck

I've been seeing a lot a recent press warning investors about Financial Advisors. Most ...

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Gold/Silver / Investing

Does Gold Belong in Your Portfolio?

But despite the panic of 2008, the belief that gold is a foolish "investment" still persis...

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History of US Taxes

Here's an interesting infographic regarding the history of US taxes. President Lincoln ...

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Investing In FaceBook: See Anything You Like?

"I'm going to put $10,000 in Facebook's IPO". I was having a conversion with a friend o...

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Book Review

Book Review: The Flexible Investing Playbook – Asset Allocation Strategies for Long-Term Success

I recently received a review copy of a couple of Asset Allocation books, courtesy of Wiley...

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Ron Paul Interview on Jay Leno

If you don't know who Ron Paul is and what he stands for then you should definitely check ...

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Investing / Stocks

Profiting From the Collapse of the Euro

The Euro is on the verge of collapse. Yesterday, the Euro closed below $1.30 - the lowest...

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ADRs / dividends / Investing / Stocks

Barrons Likes Vodafone

In April of last year, I made the case of going long Vodafone (VOD). Since then, I'm up n...

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Investing / Options / Stocks / trading

Using Options To Go Long Berkshire Hathaway

In my last post, I mentioned that Berkshire Hathaway was undervalued and a good buy that t...

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