Festival of Frugality And My 5 Minutes of Fame

Got mentioned in this week’s Festival of Frugality.

The sheer number of options for tomato products defies comprehension!!! But Adventures in Money Making, against all odds, perseveres, and lives to purée another day.

Another Blogger, James L had some incredibly flattering things to say about me. I don’t like to brag but….what am I saying, of course I do! Here’s what he says

On friday, Empty Spaces, Inc. dropped by and left me a bunch of comments. Of course, I had to visit his blog to see who he was all about. This 31 yr old is truly something. He’s done extremely well in real estate buying, selling, flipping, and cash-flowing and has ventured into partnerships to buy businesses and even looked into buying an oil field. His talents doesn’t only lie in his investing acumen, but also in asset protection and tax savings strategies. On top of that, he also holds a full time job as a programmer and is married!! I can learn a lot from this guy.

He’s on his way to FIRE at the ripe young age of 34, by 2009. I just want to wish him luck and hope to learn more about his adventures in his quest to FIRE.

He earns a link to his blog. Who says flattery doesn’t work? [Bribery works too!] We wish him luck in his investing endevors and his quest to become Financially Independent by 2018 at the age of 41.

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