Looking For A New JOB and why Monster.com sucks

Last week I found out I was going to be out of a job starting March 31st. Brushed up the old resume and started applying to a few companies. Anyway, I’ve found a new job and I start next week. Needless to say, I’m going to have to work extra hard for atleast the first 6-8 months. That means I’ll have to cut down on my investing while I focus on my J.O.B.[incidentally, JOB stands for Just Over Broke. I learnt that at a very expensive seminar. The other noteworthy thing I learnt at that seminar was poor people always have 100 channels on cable or satellite and also that you shouldn’t waste money on stupid & expensive seminars].

Anyway, I did send my resume out to a few companies via Monster.com. Sadly Monster.com has taken sneaky advertising to a new level. If you see a job you like, you can click on the “Apply” button. It takes you to a form with all your personal data filled in and you mindlessly click “Submit”. A fraction of a second later you think “wait a minute, that wasn’t for the job, it was an advertisement for something”. Of course only make that mistake once but the damage is already done. I’ve recieved 4 calls and 3 voicemails [on my cellphone] from some company trying to refinance my student loans. The guy today was particularly annoying.
“Hi, I’m calling from Jackass Financial Student Services.”
You’re the 4th person to call me from your company. Delete me from your database.
“We specialise in refinancing student loans”.
I know. Delete me from your database.
“Would you like to refinance your student loans”
No. Delete me from your database.
“Do you have any student loans”.
No. Delete me from your database.
“Does anyone in your family have student loans”.
No. Delete me from your database.
“Do you know anyone with student loans”.

A good saleman always knows how to annoy the customer!

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