People Fleeing San Diego!

Well maybe they’re not fleeing yet, but they’ve started to leave. According to an article in the Union Tribune, there was a net exodus of 43,126 people from San Diego county last year.

County demographers have forecast a long-term flattening in growth, although not a population decline. Housing analyst John Karevoll said he doubts the population loss is a long-term trend, nor does he believe it will have an impact on housing sales.

What is surprizing that John Karevoll predicts it will not affect housing sales. This is despite the fact that prices are dropping, inventory has more than doubled, time on market has increased 4 fold and interest rates are increasing. New home builders have started advertising on the radio, offering 10% worth of incentives and a new brand new Xterra or Beatle Bug. Is this guy smoking crack or is he just stupid? Or maybe he’s just trying to annoy me!

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