I came across this very interesting article WHY YIELD INVERSION FORETELLS RECESSION: Exposing the Fraud in FRS Study to Predict Recessions from Yield Inversion.

This guy basically explains how the Feds are lying about the low chance of a recession coming up based on the Inverse Yield Curve.

There has been massive propaganda by the US Federal Reserve System’s (FRS) senior officers and economists to downplay the importance of the so-called inverted yield curve’s ability to forecast a recession 6-12 months in advance. Nothing we know of has a better record of predicting recessions. Hence, when such an inversion seems likely in not too distant a future what should they do, especially, if they wish to purse Fed Funds policy that might lead to the inversion? Resort to propaganda and misleading, even fraudulent, reports, or studies, which severely downplay the probability of a recession based on the degree of yield inversion.

He predicts that in 12 months, the chance we’ll go into recession is 85%!

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