How to Save Money on Shoes

Ever gone to buy a pair of sneakers and find the designs you like all cost a $150?
Well now theres a great way to save on them. Just walk barefoot!

The wall street journal reports that

Some experts now believe that most athletic shoes, with their inflexible soles, structured sides and super-cushioned inserts keep feet so restricted that they may actually be making your feet lazy, weak and more prone to injury. As a result, barefoot training is gaining more attention among coaches, personal trainers and runners.

While exercising without shoes may sound painful, the idea is that your feet need a workout, too. Proponents believe running barefoot changes a runner’s form and body mechanics to prevent some common athletic injuries.

One series of studies from Canadian researchers concluded that heavily cushioned shoes were more likely to cause injury than simpler shoes. They also concluded that more expensive athletic shoes accounted for twice as many injuries as cheaper shoes. The data aren’t conclusive. It may be that buyers of expensive shoes are more injury prone or more active, and therefore more likely to sustain injuries. A summary of the data on barefoot training can be found at

Of course, NIKE has to jump on the bandwagon and has come out with a shoe that mimicks training barefoot. [That shoe will probably be $200!].

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