Making Zillions

Once in a while I’ll go to the local barnes and nobles and read a couple of books over a 6 hour period. Last night was one of those days. I actually went to check out a programming book. Right next to the computer isle was a table of personal finance books. One book caught my attention. I spent 2 hours and skimmed the entire book.
Its called Zero to Zillionaire.

It starts off explaining how having a wealthy atracting mindset is of immense importance. If you have hangups about money and charging people for services, you’ll never be able to make or keep money. Also had a nice analogy about the different types of people and ancient sea voyages, dividing people into 3 types – merchants, crew members and passengers. The merchants are investors and business owners who take all the risks, the crew members are employees doing what they’re told, and the passengers[and stowaways] are along for the ride but do as they please. Its an easy read and falls in the “psychology of investing/wealth building” category. I ilked it much more than the millionaire mindset series by T. Harv Ecker.

I believe having a winning mindset really does attract wealth. Everything in life is 90% mental. Whether you’re running a race or investing. If you don’t have the mental strength or the right mindset you don’t do the things that are vital to achieving success.

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