Funny Sarah Palin Song

Regular readers of my blog know I’m a big fan of Ron Paul and was disappointed (though not surprised) to see he didn’t make the cut for Presidential Candidate. I am however horrified that someone who graduated near the bottom of his college class  chose an even dumber running mate. At least George Bush chose a smart running mate to counter his senility! Especially given McCain’s advanced age, the fact that Sarah Palin could actually become President is downright scary!

While you can form your opinions regarding the next President, check out this funny video/song:

While I’m no Democrat, I’d rather have a Harvard graduate running the country than a beauty pagent winner/runner-up. On another note, it’s pretty sad that Palin’s son has Down’s Syndrome. But why a pregnant 43 year woman didn’t get a prenatal test for Down Syndrome is pretty strange considering that she had a 1/35 chance [source]. (She probably wouldn’t have aborted even if she had previously known about, so I guess it’s an irrelevant question).