B-School, Here I Come!

I just took the GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) today. Its an entrance test for admission to MBA programs at business schools. I’d been studying for it for the past month and it really paid off. I scored a whopping 740 which puts in the 97th percentile and incidentally also makes me directly eligible for membership into Mensa!

I was hoping to score a 700 which would make admission into the top MBA programs seem feasible. But with a great score like this, I’m hoping it’ll become a reality. But I’m already pretty late getting my application together for next fall. The early round’s and the first round’s are over and I have less than 4 weeks for the second round of applications. After that, its incredibly difficult to get in, so my best bet is applying in the 2nd round.

And this period unfortunately coincides with my vacation to Thailand and India (and possibly Zimbabwe) which starts next week. While in Thailand I’m hoping to look at some property. Southern Thailand is truly a paradise on Earth. You can buy houses there for $30,000, which sounds unreasonably cheap to me. And while in India, I’ll be attending a wedding and negotiating the sale of some property with a builder (which could get very ugly). Not exactly an environment conducive to writing B-school admission essays. Oh well, c’est la vie. Looks like its crunch-time again.

UPDATE: Since several people have asked me which books I used, here’s a list of Books To Help You Score a 700 On Your Gmat

And if any of you already have an MBA I’d love to hear your experiences and how its helped you.