About Me

About Me
I’m a 31 year old programmer. I’ve been interested in investing for nearly 15 years but actively engaged in it for the past 6. I currently invest in Real estate and Commodities and in Stocks via my company 401k. I also have my own corporation with its own pension plan that invests in Real Estate. My goal is to retire by the time I’m 34. That doesn’t mean sitting around and waiting to die!!! That means I have enough money through passive investments to pay for food, shelter and some luxuries, which will give me the opportunity to travel and enjoy life….and of course devote more time to investing!

Contact Information:
The quickest way to reach me is via email at [email protected].

I love to talk about my blog so feel free to inquire. Any media inquiries should be directed to [email protected].

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MoneyShakerBlog accepts Site Sponsorship with run of site advertising. Please contact me via email at [email protected] for more information about blog sponsorship and rates.

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