Oil & Gas Investing

I recently attended a Millionaires Market Game where I met some who invested in oil fields. I got to talking with him and we decided that I could raise a few million dollars for him to start drilling in some of his oil fields. Apparently his fields have a total of $600 million worth of oil & gas in them.

Since I don’t have any info on oil & gas investing I thought I’d do some research on it. Well I found some pretty interesting stuff. First you probably need to be accredited to invest but there is room for tiny investors too [but not much]. Second and most interestingly the returns are 25% to 50% per year. It takes a few months to start production of oil, at which point you start getting dividends.

Of course there are significant risks involved. The oil field could be a dud and you can’t extract oil profitably from it. Then there’s the swindle risk. How trust worthy are oil field operators?

Don’t know how I’m going to come up with the money, but its a lot of money if I can!

If anyone has any exprience in this, please drop me a line at [email protected]

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