Notice from Mortgage Company

One of my lenders sent me a notice yesterday. Apparently on the loan docs that funded 1 year and 5 weeks ago, I had forgotten to sign the document that alerted me to the fact that my loan had a soft prepay penalty. This is the 2nd time this company has sent me this very document. The first time was about a week after I closed on my first house in SLC last year, which I duly signed and sent back. Now this is on the 2nd house. Not only did they want me to sign it, they wanted me to get it notarized as well.

As a matter of principle, I’m not going to sign it unless they threaten to call the loan due [in which case I’ll ask for $100 for my troubles]. Its only a 2 yr soft prepay penalty so I’m definitely sure there’s no difference to me whether I sign it or not. But life is unfair so they should just suck it up and cut their losses.

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