Time for a Heloc!

Ouch! Just tallied last months expenses. Apart from the rent,food, $600 for new tires/brakdes and $900 insurance premium, I had quite a lot of expenses.

$6k landscaping
$16k unexpected request for a downpayment on a house [1031 shortfall that the loan officer should’ve caught, but she was in the hospital for 3 weeks]
$9.8K 10% downpayment on a house in indiana
$4.4k 5% downpayment on another house in indiana
$4k in plane tickets
$2k lawyer fees for misc stuff.

Out of these, i was expecting only $20k in expenses so i’m over by $24k, which leaves me without sufficient reserves in case I have a few properties vacant for more than a few months. Time to get a HELOC out on my investment properties and pull some cash out!

You always want to do this before you need money. When you do need, the bank won’t lend it to you.

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