Cash-back on American Express

Just got my statment for my American Express Costco Platinum
Rebate Card. Apparently I will be getting a rebate of $398 for
2005 which is great, until I realized that I’ve charged a whopping
$27,893 on it!!! I don’t know whether I’m glad I’m getting something
back or unhappy over spending so much money. Well, i did go to Europe,
India, Canada with the wife and also Boise and SLC 5 times by myself,
and I guess it all added up. No wonder I don’t have any money in the

I guess its time to start brown bagging my lunches. I spent 2,800 on
eating out[on that card, I use visa where they don’t accept Amex] and
at around $7 per lunch that about 400 meals. I think if my wife and I
cut out the eating out, that would drop our weight a bit and finance
a trip to Australia!

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