Whats the ROI on Education?

Going to college is an important part of growing up. The friendships and experiences you gain last a lifetime. And in the process you usually get an education that provides the opportunity to earn a decent living. Provided of course, you make enough to pay off your student loans.

According to an article about a social worker with $118,000 in student loans posted on Boston Gal’s Open Wallet some people go overboard to get a degree that doesn’t pay well enough to pay the bare necessities. A graduate degree in social work only nets you a $30,000 salary. Not enough to pay off your student loan.

Maybe you should consider that when choosing your major. In most businesses, any improvements or additional investments have to meet a 3 year payback period to be considered worthwhile. When getting an education that costs $120k, you should be able to make an extra $40k over what you would’ve been able to make without it. After all, going to college is an investment in yourself, right?

The girl in the article somehow found a part-time job that pays $25/hr to supplement her income. Maybe she should make that her full-time job and do social work on the side!

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