How to become a millionaire

I came across this article online somewhere. Decent advice.

The Top 10 Steps To Becoming A Millionaire
By Dr Philip E. Humbert

  1. Decide to be financially successful.
  2. This is different than wishing, hoping, wanting or even desiring to be rich. Make a commitment that this is going to happen! Financial independence is not an accident or matter of luck, and it usually requires some inconvenience. Have you decided to achieve this goal?

  3. Understand how money works.
  4. Most of never studied finance or investing in school. Most of were never even taught to balance a checkbook! To master anything, you have to understand it. Read. Study what successful people do. Take classes.

  5. Master your relationship with money.
  6. Some of us spend for excitement, to show off, to prove we can. Some of us are addicted to spending, and some of us are just careless about it. Whatever your relationship with money, understand it and develop a relationship of respect, appreciation and gratitude. Use your money, rather than allowing it to run your life.

  7. Set specific goals.
  8. They should be challenging, but not unbelievable, just out of reach but not out of sight. Challenge yourself to be out of debt by a specific date. Make a commitment to saving an exact amount each month.

  9. Develop a budget.
  10. A budget is a set of dreams and aspirations. It’s how you really, really want to use money to benefit your family and run your life. Budget to buy the things you really want, and to eliminate the “impulses”, the toys that waste too much of our income. A budget is a map to your destination. Have one and use it!

  11. Reduce spending.
  12. Yes, this comes after making a budget, because when you begin getting control of your money (rather than the other way around) you have powerful new reasons to reduce expenses. Most self-made millionaires live far below their means! You should to.

  13. Begin investing.
  14. Most of us spend or speculate. Both are roads to disaster! Invest in things you understand. Invest cautiously, wisely, and regularly. The objective is not to “make a killing”, but to get rich over time. Know and obey the distinction between gambling, and putting your money to work for you.

  15. Increase assets.
  16. Most people try to increase their income, and that’s a mistake. Making more money means paying more taxes. It takes time and hard work. And, when wealth arrives in the form of cash, it’s easier to spend. Millionaires buy stocks and buildings, they invest in assets that will make them rich – and that are hard to spend on a whim!

  17. Reduce taxes.
  18. Most Americans pay more in taxes than for food, clothing and shelter combined! It is your largest expense! The poor and middle class don’t realize how much they pay because it’s deducted from their pay check. The wealthy know there are legal and appropriate ways to shelter income, to invest in socially-responsible ways, and that the tax code encourages this. Learn the tax laws and use them for your benefit! (Yes, it’s the most boring reading you’ll ever do, and worth it!)

  19. Use your wealth wisely.
  20. Someone once said, “The reason most of us aren’t rich is that we’d spend it all on ourselves.” Give. Share. Help others. When you use money to make a difference, to have a positive impact, you get the chance to do more. Being greedy and selfish will not draw money to you. Investing in your community, will!

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