Back To The Old Drawing Board

While the new format of the blog worked fine on my Windows 2000 machine under Firefox 0.9, it didn’t work well under Internet Exploder nor under WinXP and a different version of Firefox. I did spend several hours messing with the stylesheet but I now must admit temporary defeat and revert back to the old format.

Besides, I’d rather be blogging!

Gold today jumped up a few more bucks to $704. Two people asked me if it was still a good time to buy. The answer is no. Wait for a consolidation at these levels before venturing in.

Bernanke raises interest rates for the 16th time in row. He’s not saying if he’ll raise them again, but he sure ain’t lowering them!

Oil is still hovering at $72/barrel.

The Dollar slides against the Euro to its lowest point in 12 months.

Despite all this bad news, the Dow still rose 3 points. Thats pretty unusual. Lets see if it holds up tomorrow.

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