Behavioral Congruence

I just received No B.S. Wealth Attraction for Entrepreneurs on friday. I actually wanted to get No B.S. Sales Success but I made a mistake when ordering.

As you can see, their covers are pretty identical so I ended up with the wrong book[incidentally I didn’t realize this until I had read about 30 pages! This was definitely not what I looked at in the bookstore.] Anyway I decided to read it since I had started it. I didn’t learn anything new until about page 143. Dan called it Behavorial Congruence.

Basically you act according to your goals. If your goal is to lose 25 pounds, eating icecream and stocking the cupboards with cookies is not congruent to your goals! If you want to get rich, sitting on your couch and watching TV is incongruent, hanging out with poor people who whine and complain all day is incongruent while copying what rich people do is congruent. A very simple and obvious yet commonly overlooked idea.

Another good point he brought up was focusing on actions rather than results. You don’t focus on getting a contract signed today, but rather on making 100 phone calls and persevering until you get your work done. Making the 100 phone calls increases your likelyhood of getting a paying customer to sign a contract with you. By focusing on what you can influence, rather than what you cannot, you make it easier to succeed!

These 2 points were worth the price of the book, even if I had to wade through 143 pages to get there!

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