Excellent Book on Economics

Just picked up a pretty good book on Economics. There was a sale at the local library. I bought Econ 101 1/2 by Elaine Schwartz for 25 cents along with Money Mischief by Milton Friedman for buck and several Star Wars novels for 25 cents apiece.

I tried reading a friend’s book on introductory economics once. Mind numbingly boring! Econ 101 1/2 is a really good introductory text on the subject. Full of entertaining anecdotes and stories. Best education money can buy for 25 cents!

Haven’t read the Friedman book but its gotten pretty good reviews on Amazon.

I also picked up The Far Side Gallery for $1. Not everyone appreciates Gary Larson’s humor but I think he’s pretty good. A good and cheap addition to my collection of Dilbert and Calvin and Hobbes books.

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