Tenants Check Bounces

I got a bounced check in the mail from my bank. The tenants in one of my Salt Lake City homes had their check bounce due to insufficient funds. I went to their bank WAMU on Saturday to see if they had sufficient funds in their account. Unfortunately they did not. Atleast I didn’t redeposit it and waste another 2-3 weeks finding out whether it would bounce again.

I called and left them a message. They’ve probably gone out for the long weekend. On Tuesday, I’ll have to have my guy stick a 5 day eviction notice on their door. Pay up or move out. The good thing about Utah is that its a landlord friendly state. It takes 2 weeks to evict a tenant, and most of the time the tenants don’t even stick around that long. They just move out.

It never pays to be nice to your tenants. They just take advantage of you. Remember your tenants are not your friends. You are not in the welfare business. If they can’t pay their rent, they need to ask Uncle Sam for help.

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