What To Do If You Hate Your Job

The Wall Street Journal had an article about a person who quit her high paying job after 15 years and is starting a new career from scratch.

Other Bloggers have mentioned that pursuing a given occupation because it affords a better lifestyle is better than doing what you truly love.

Well if you dislike what you’re doing and you want to try your hand at something new, Vocation Vacations will set you up with a vacation at your new job. Unlike most jobs however, you pay for the experience just like a vacation. Here’s a good article about test driving your new job.

However if you can’t figure out what you want to do with your life, I recommend picking up Life’s a Bitch and Then You Change Careers : 9 Steps to Get Out of Your Funk and On to Your Future . Like the title suggests, for those of us who are dis-satisfied with our lives and occupations, it’ll give you some ideas on changing your career and putting you in touch with something more fulfilling.

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