Who’s Been Using Your Social Security Number?

I had a really nice house being built in St. George, Utah. Now that the house is finished, I need to refinance a construction loan into a regular loan otherwise the interest rate jumps to 18% or higher.

Unfortunately my mortgage broker called me up to tell me that someone else’s name is attached to my social security number and I need a letter from Social Security Office proving that its my number.[and not some random number I just made up since I crossed the border last week?]

Thought it was going to be a big hassle, but it turns out it wasn’t too bad. Got it in an hour and faxed it off. The guy behind the counter said the credit bureaus sometimes make errors typing in stuff. It probably wasn’t a case of identity theft. Besides, with the 20+ mortgages in my name, no one can get a loan to buy anything with my credit!

Hopefully the letter should be enough. I hope the underwriter doesn’t deny the loan. I can’t afford to pay 18% on a 320k loan!

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