Beware of ATT- Yahoo DSL

I had recently signed up for ATT-Yahoo DSL. They had promised me a risk-free 30 day trial. About 2 days after I got the kit I found out I had to go visit my mom as she was having heart surgery. I called them up telling them I was going to be gone for a month and I just wanted to cancel. Apparently the customer rep, Cookie that I was talking to convinced me not to cancel and that she’d give me another 90 days to try out the service. I bought it.

After I came back, with the work-load of a new job and a ton of investments I decided I couldn’t be bothered installing the DSL stuff and called them up to cancel. I was told that the 30 day period had passed and I was out of luck. Apparently Cookie didn’t have the authority to make those kind of decisions [so basically I’m just a liar], and they billed me for the 2 months and a $99 cancellation fee. Basically I stuck with a bill for $136 for a service I never used or installed.

ATT-Yahoo DSL sucks!

My phone bill is usually around $1500-$1800 per year. I’m thinking of just cancelling my ATT account[or SBC whatever they are now] and going fully VOIP. I’ve already explained a cheaper alternative to even Vonage, might as well implement it.

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