I’m Back!

Got back from Salt Lake City late last night. Had a great time. Met several investors I know who invest in that market but live in Southern California. I went to check out one of my houses that is currently being built. The house next door is being resold for $295,000. Don’t know if it’ll sell for that price, but based on that price, my home should list for $275,000. I have it tied up at $205,000 so I’m really happy!.[Just because I theorectically have $70k equity in it doesn’t mean I’ll make $70k on it. There are closing costs and holding costs that eat into the profit].

Sunday I went to Rockport National Reserve which is about an hour from downtown Salt Lake City and tried my hand at driving a speed boat. It was a lot of fun. Also tried “the tube”, which is a tiny dingy with handles that is tied to the boat. The was fun until it overturned and I got dunked in freezing cold water!

Don’t you love tax deductible business trips!

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