Who Do You Hang Out With?

I contacted a fellow investor today after several months of silence. Found out he quit his stable engineering job in San Diego and moved to Florida. He’s writing investment reports and sending them to mutal fund companies and trying to get a job as an Investment Analyst. He could have done this while still working, but he realized that he had to make this “do or die” situation to get out of his routine job and pursue something he enjoys. It really does show his commitment!

Somehow, most of the people I’ve been meeting or talking to lately fit this mindset. They’re all trying to get out of the 9 to 5 rut and do something that is profitable, enjoyable and definitely not mainstream.

One of my friends quit his engineering job to become a trader quite recently. Another investor I know has an auto body shop and he’s started flipping foreclosures. Practically all the people I talk to are trying to improve themselves through investing or starting some sort of business.

They’re already well set in life with stable and well-paying jobs, but they all feel that something is lacking. Maybe its the desire to achieve fame and fortune. Maybe its the goal of wanting to be their own boss or maybe its the goal of being financial free.

Whatever is the driving force, they all work hard long hours to make their dreams a reality. They all hang out with strong minded and strong willed people who have positive attitudes and lofty goals. They spend a lot of time researching their particular market to give them an edge over everyone edge. And they don’t whine and complain about their place in life.

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