Wife’s Professor Weighs In On Dollar Devaluation

My wife’s currently pursuing her Master in Accouting with emphasis in Taxation. One of her professors is a pretty smart guy and usually spends 6 months of the year travelling abroad and generally enjoying himself. I’m assuming he makes a lot of money from his investments, book royalties and consulting gigs [apart from the salary he gets at college].

A few days ago he mentioned that he investing heavily in Australian dollars and that he thought the US Dollar was overvalued by 40%!!! I think 40% is a little steep. Maybe the local real estate is overvalued by 40% but the dollar can’t be that high can it ???
I personally think the dollar will drop 20-25% over the next few years which is why I’ve been buying commodities and commodity stocks. But a 40% drop!! Why that could set me up for life! [just kidding, i’ll make twice as much money in my investments, but inflation will still kill me]

Anyway, I just picked up Getting Rich Outside the Dollar by Christopher Weber & Leonard J Reiss. It was written quite a while ago, but the underlying concepts should be the same.

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