Left Behind Games

I recently read an email about how Left Behind Games[ticker LFBG.OB] was one of the next hottest gaming companies in town.

The email said it qualified on Chuck Jaffe’s stupid investment of the week but went on to refute that claim stating its a christian based family game and based on the number of books sold under the same title, it should do pretty well. At the time it was trading at $5.20. Since then its up 40%.

Yes, thats 40% in 5 days!!! While I didn’t buy any and don’t plan to chase it either, I have been following it with interest. Why is the stock going up on relatively no news??
Yes, its getting a lot of media coverage but the company isn’t releasing any news.[a product soon, but thats been known for a while] It kind of reminds me of the tech bubble days.

The email got sent out to probably around 100,000 investors.[my estimate of the circulation based on indirect data from the sender.] If only 5% or 5,000 people bought $1000 worth of stock, thats $5 million worth of stock, or about 5 million shares[or 40% less depending on when they bought it]. The average volume is about 30,000 shares, but in the past week its been over 100,000 per day. Thats half a million dollars worth of stock every day!!!

So did the email cause the stock to go up or was it other reasons??? Not that I care either way, but if I can find out definitely, I can definitely take advantage of such emails in future!!!

Lets see how it plays out in the next few weeks. After the readers stop buying will it fall back to $5 or does it still have some real strength.

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