Millionaires in the Making

CNN has a monthly feature titled “Millionaires in the Making”. Every month, they feature a young couple who make over $120,000/yr and have ‘amassed’ a nice nest egg, usually between $250,000 and $500,000 in just 4-8 years after graduating from college.

Yeah, gimme a frickin break!!!!

Any moron who makes over $100k/yr and bought a house more than 3 years ago and is contributing 10% salary to the 401k plan is worth over $100k now.

The last issue was no different. The Johnsons make $147,000 a year, put 10% into a 401k and have $120,000 in home equity. The only thing worth mentioning in the story is that the husband stopped wasting money on a new car every 2 years!!! Otherwise its almost the same frickin story every month!

They should atleast give some more info on what they like to invest in or something to change the story.

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