San Diego Is Anti-Poor

San Diego just blocked Walmart’s plans for a new Super Store arguing that that Wal-Mart puts smaller competitors out of business, pays workers poorly, and contributes to traffic congestion and pollution.

Of course the council failed to state that social engineering isn’t their job and that the people who currently work at Walmart seem very happy with their jobs and have never protested their pay or anything else. Nor the fact that Walmart’s lower prices put competitors out of business but help low-income families buy more stuff and actually increase their standard of living. Of course no one wants low income families shopping in their neighborhoods so the easiest solution is to ban the superstore itself.

Another bad idea is the forced raise of the minimum wage. Mom and pop stores who are trying to stay afloat in California due the increase in real estate prices [& therefore taxes on triple-net leases when the properties are sold], increase in electricity & heating costs and the slow down in the housing market are hurt the most. [50% of new jobs created in the state since 2000 were real estate related. As the house market slides, the jobs will disappear as will the income of the people still in the business]. As a result they will be less likely to hire new employees or maybe even cut down on the hours of existing employees. At the same time, prices will have to be increased to make up for the increase in the wages. So the poor employees will see no real benefit in the wage hike while feeling the brunt of the increase in prices.

But atleast we’re still better than France, where the employer can’t fire anyone even if the business files for bankrupcy!!!!

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