Walmart Rant

In a previous post about Walmart, someone complained that Walmart was the evil corporation that needed to be kept out of town by the local government due it is unfair employment practices.

I don’t know why people are anti-business. We saw the same thing with the oil companies recently. Policitians are also quick to bash a profitable company and give hand-outs to companies that should be allowed to go under. “Walmart sucks because it doesn’t pay its employees $30/hr and give them a ferrari or lamborghini for christmas. Of course I don’t shop there and so I don’t care about their prices. All I care is that Walmart takes care of my constituents and get me re-elected.”

Walmart’s job as a public company is to increase shareholder value. It does this by reducing all costs across the board. If you don’t like this, don’t shop there or work there.

Complaints about Walmart putting mom & pop stores out of business aren’t valid. If you can’t compete on pricing then compete on service. If you can’t do that, move into another business. That’s how capitalism works. If you don’t like that, there are several socialist/communist countries which would welcome you.

Complaining that Walmart puts people out of work is equally stupid. Henry Ford put horse and buggy drivers out of business. John Deere put thousands of farm hands out of business. Maybe we close down all the factories and go back to the stone-age?

Having the government keep Walmart out of town is not the solution. We’re currently in a cycle where its cheaper for us to buy Chinese goods than it is to make them here. That’s the real problem. And because of it millions of manufacturing jobs have been lost and are continuing to be lost. But the government is fixing this problem by devaluing our currency as fast as it can! Eventually our currency will be worthless and a lot of manufacturing jobs will come back!

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