GDX Called Away

I’ve been selling covered calls on GDX – yes I know selling puts is the same risk-reward ratio but I usually do pretty well in selling far out options. I lost a whopping $40 than if I had outright sold them on friday. I’m hopping we’ll see a small dip in the market next week so I can buy back in at roughly the same price.

I’m thinking I might actually buy CEF or SLW (Silver ETF) instead since I think there’s a chance than silver might run up more than gold on a percentage basis this year. The markets closed today, but earlier reported that Gold was around $672.00/oz. quite a jump in the past few months. Hopefully it consolidate before resuming its next leg up.

My GG naked puts expired worthless so I made $138.50. If they had expired in the money I wouldn’t have felt bad about actually buying the stock.

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