Why You Need A Good Attorney

Even though Anna Nicole Smith’s husband (did they marry? I don’t really follow this sort of thing) Howard Stern was an attorney, her will was supposedly taken straight out of a textbook and wasn’t even proof-read. She apparently left everything to her son (who’s deceased) and specifically excluded all unborn future kids.

Don’t know why she’d write in something as wierd as that but apparently thats what you get when you pay $19.99 for your will. So not only will Dannielle Smith-Stern be dragged through a six ring circus of paternety suits, but her mom’s money will probably be dragged through the probate courts, the IRS and then finally through her legal guardian’s hands. (& maybe her attorneys too!) Good luck getting that dough!

When you die, the last thing you want is for your loved ones to
(a) fight over your money/possessions
(b) pay an obsene amount of tax – both inheritance and income tax
(c) be dragged through the probate courts to get it

Better you spend a little time learning about it and a little bit of money to make sure everything is sorted out before you die.

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