Picked Up A George W. Dollar Coin

I stopped by the bank and picked up half a dozen new presidential $1 coins. Don’t know why some people are selling them on ebay for more than they’re worth but I guess someone’s stupid enough to pay that. They’re not all that impressive, except the “In God We Trust” part is along the rim of the coin, which I thought was pretty neat.

What I don’t understand why the government is wasting money minting coins when we’re moving more and more to a cashless electronic society.

What use is a new dollar coin? Most people don’t like carrying around a pocket full of coins, which was why paper notes were invented in the first place. Notes are lighter, easier to carry and don’t roll under heavy appliances when you drop them. Most vending machines don’t even accept the old Sacagawea coins so I doubt they’ll be modified for the new ones. And has anyone ever tried to tip a stripper with a dollar coin?

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