Earning Money Online

I read a really interesting post today on Earner$ blog aboutmaking $200 every day.

The first half of the post is just a reference to ‘earn money online’ which links to his site. This is a just a blatant (but clever) way to fool the search engines to rank his site higher for the search ‘earn money online’. The reason many bloggers (John Chow Dot Com included) convet this phrase is because a lot of people search for this term and if you’re ranked highly on a search engine for it you get a lot of ‘organic’ traffic which results in a lot of ad revenue.

However, later in the post he comes to the real meat. Basically you sign up for an affiliate program that pays upto $300 per signup and then find off-line ways to promote it. One way he suggests is buying an ebook package with reseller rights, adding your affiliate link to each ebook and selling it for next to nothing. It will spread virally and eventually you’ll have people signing up using your affiliate ID at $300 a pop!!

Sheer genius!

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