Friday Update

Last year I signed up for an HP beta testing program. Didn’t hear anything until Wednesday. They wanted to know if I was free on Thursday evening for a brief wireless installation test for they’re new wireless printer/copier/scaner. I said sure and spent an hour trying to install it while 2 of their techies watched me and made notes. Long story short, I made a $100 and got to mess around with a photo printer for an hour. very cool!

Last year I made $400 for spending an hour and a half at Intuit’s HQ while some guy watched me prepare my taxes (or atleast attempt to prepare them) using an online version of Turbo Tax.

Some of these testing programs pay really well!

After having funded my wife’s Roth IRA I decided to put some of the money in a Precious Metal Fund, UNWPX. Its owns both stocks and ETFs and has a somewhat have fee (1.7%) but I think the sector will continue to do well this year and so it should be good for $2k worth.

Here’s a shout out to all the other bloggers who’ve sent me traffic in the past 2 weeks. They’re all great sites and I strongly urge you to check them out if you already aren’t reading them.

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Happy weekend everyone!

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