Utah Economy Strongest in the Nation

According to the Deseret News,

Utah’s economy is the single strongest state economy in the nation, according to one Utah economist. And the single strongest sector within that economy is construction.
It’s growing so fast that many construction companies say they can’t hire fast enough to staff the jobs they’ve got on the docket. It’s growing so fast that, according to some general contractors, projects are being delayed or redesigned to suit the available labor pool.
It’s growing fast, and though the pace may slow to a trot instead of a frothing gallop, industry watchers say Utah’s construction market will continue to see healthy growth for years, perhaps decades.

Thats good news, if its true. Where there are jobs, there’s a demand for housing and home prices should continue to stay strong. I’ve been investing in Salt Lake City for just over 2 years and so far its been a very good ride.

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