Food And Drug Chief Gets Death

China sentenced its ex-food and drug chief to death for accepting bribes.

Quite a harsh punishment for accepting $800,000 in bribes. Pity the US doesn’t have laws like that. It would do wonders for the integrity of system. Here we’ve become conditioned to accept that politicians will lie and accept bribes and grant favors to people who grease their palms.

I’m against capital punishment because the cost of error is too high. However, in the case of politicians, I’m willing to make an exception. Corrupt politicians should be given the death penalty or reduced sentences for lesser crimes.

Some of the other possible sentences could be
1. Asset confiscation and a life as a social worker on a $24,000 salary. No other income or jobs permitted.
2. Public flogging
3. Exile to a deserted island.
4. Neutering

What do you guys think?

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