New Book By Monish Pabrai

Monish Pabrai is being called the ‘young Warrent Buffett’. He’s been returning 30% annual returns for his investors, similar to what Warren Buffett had been returning in the initial stages of his career.

He’s come out with a new book:
The Dhandho Investor: The Low – Risk Value Method to High Returns

Based on the fact that his previous book, Mosaic: Perspectives on Investing is now selling for about $495, it might be worth picking up a copy as an investment, even if you don’t like reading!

I happened to meet Mr. Pabrai when he was giving a speech in Orange County a year ago and was lucky to pick up a signed copy of Mosaic. Signed copies of that book have sold for $2,500!!! I hope I didn’t throw it away, it was lying in my car trunk for the longest time.

I haven’t read the new book yet, but its next on my list (after I finish The Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly Improbable which is an awesome book on the philosophy on improbably events affecting investing).

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