Bought SHLD and PSP

Even though I’m not a fan of private-equity firms (check out How Capitalism Really Works) and especially not Blackstone, I did however put some money into a private-equity ETF, the PowerShares Listed Private Equity Fund(PSP) and I also bought some stock in Sears Holdings(SHLD) today.

[Image for SHLD stock]

SHLD had a great day today, up nearly 6%. Technically, both of them look very strong (well atleast SHLD does!). I’ve had my eye on SHLD last week and I was looking for a good entry point. I was hoping to get it for around $165, but it didn’t quite make it there. Instead it shot up today and I managed to get in at $172.38. It closed at close to the highs of the day at $174.06.

If we see some quick moves in both of them I’ll take my money off the table. Lets see how it works out. My divestment from my Seabridge Gold(SA) options was premature. Its up 25% from my exit point which kind of sucks. Just enforces the idea of letting your winners ride and cutting your losers quickly, instead of the other way around.

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