Paris Paid To Attend Own Birthday Party

[Image of Paris Hilton]
Its not enough that celebrities people get paid for guest appearances at night clubs and public events. They now are getting paid to host their own birthday parties!

Paris Hilton was reportedly given $200,000 to celebrate her 24th birthday party at “Pure” in Las Vegas. She spent the last 3 at “Light” at the Bellagio, but they were too cheap. They only provided her a free private jet, a free luxury suite, free dinner and free booze. If they didn’t pay me $200,000 to celebrate my birthday, I wouldn’t go there either 😉

Apparently its very profitable for the nightclubs to have celebs. One such club paid Brittany Spears a lousy $83,000 to attend a new years party. They then sold 3,000 tickets to the event at $250 a pop, which means they grossed $750,000 and probably netted around $500,000.

Pure nightclub is estimated to gross $53 million this year!!!! Sounds like a great business to be in.

If any of you are interested in getting your own bar, nightclub or gentleman’s club here’s a list of such businesses for sale.

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