Video: Cramer Frothing At The Mouth

Here’s an interesting video of Jim Cramer imploring Ben Bernanke to stick his head out of the Fed window and see whats happening in the markets. Pretty amazing for a 52 year old man to get so worked up over a lousy rate hike. I think he might be losing it!

I wouldn’t be surprized if he had an stroke on tv one of these days! Not sure what he was implying when he said that “they” called him off the air imploring him to do something. Were these people he’s referring to bond managers or hedge fund managers? And what is he supposed to do? Call his buddies in the white house or the Fed office and convince them to cut rates? Or was this spectacle it?

Will the Fed cut rates to help the economy?

I think they will pretty soon, but that will weaken the dollar even further (and hopefully strenghten gold). But atleast all those people who couldn’t afford to buy their homes without super-low rates and ultra-lax lending criteria and who are now faced with losing them will be able to continue the farce a little longer.

What do you guys think?

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