Can’t Stop Global Warming!

From the Yahoo message boards for James River Coal Company (JRCC), which I had sold some naked puts on a few months ago, by some poster named Ross_Perot4President

I just farted a real loud wet one…..I just contributed to global warming….

Whoops, I just barbecued some ribs…..more global warming…

I just opened up a beer (i.e. a carbonated beverage), I just contributed to global warming.

I just let out a big friggin belch (methane gas — holy @#$%, I just killed a tribe of pygmies tied to global warming)

I turned on the faucet to run water, the water treatment plant runs a generator which emits carbon fumes…..

I just turned on the lights which in turn comes from the electricity plants which spew carbon stuff

I just watched that Fat Bitch Rosie ODonnell on TV, her Fat mouth just spews greenhouse emmissions as well as rancid spew

I just watched Hillary Clinton on TV, the clothes she wears come from farm animals which intoxicate the atmosphere with methane gas and toxic emmissions, and her face comes from Satan’s bunghole.

I guess its safe to say anything you do in American life spews some form of carbon dioxide. Maybe if we stop killing the rain forest and stop ugly people from breeding we can stop carbon from spewing onto the planetary surface

Until then, I will burp, fart, barbecue, run my water, heat my house, use electricity, and hate stupid liberals who think they know what’s best for me — they can shove it up their methane spewing asses.

Of course, if you’re Al Gore, you might think you can solve the problem by taxing various businesses. Of course, Al Gore doesn’t want to solve the issue, he only wants to profit from it.

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