PetroChina & BHP Rock

PetroChina (PTR) has been on a tear recently. Since bottoming around $125 a month ago, its risen exponentially to $175 today. That’s a 40% in about 30 days! And thats despite the news that the 2nd largest shareholder Warren Buffett has been busy liquidating small amounts of his holdings. Its up solely on the news of its IPO in China.

BHP Billiton (BHP) has also jumped recently on news that its Olympic Dam site is the world’s largest resource for uranium, the fourth-largest deposit for copper, and ranks among top-producing Australian mines in gold and silver production. Its currently at 27 year highs. Its also up 45% in the past month and nearly 100% in the past year.

While I didn’t panic and sell liquidate my holdings during the sell off in July, I did use that opportunity to buy more of my favorite Canroys. Most of them are flat to barely up since then. But they’re still paying dividends so I expect them to continue to chugg along.

Most of my porfolio is heavily wieghted towards oil/gas and commodity stocks. One of the few exceptions is SRS which I been trading in and out of and FXA which is an Australian currency ETF that also yields just over 5%.

I’m thinking of buying some Berskhire Hathway B shares (BRK-B) since they’re looking a bit week technically right now. I’ve been watching them for a while. The last time I was going to pull the trigger they shot up 10% so I’m waiting for a slight pullback.

Did any of you make a killing in a stock you’ve purchased in the past month? Let me know.

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