Ron Paul on Jay Leno

Here’s a really good video of Ron Paul on Jay Leno. Did you know Ron Paul was a flight surgeon in the Armed Forces and entered politics because he became fascinated with Austrian Economics. I thought most people entered politics because they found they had a knack of begging for money!!

I think Ron Paul is the only candidate who understands how the economy works and will be most likely to fix it. Unlike what you hear on the news, the economy is not booming. We’re not creating jobs. The Dollar is weakening and according to this excellent site, we’re likely to see 15% inflation for the next 30 years.

He wants to

  • Reduce the size and scope of the government,
  • Obey the constitution
  • Implement a lower flat tax
  • Promote personal liberty and freedom
  • Reduce the size of the US empire overseas
  • Fix Social Security

If you don’t support these ideas, you’re a frickin’ moron. Check out this video for a more indepth presentation on Ron Paul’s ideas.

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