November 2007 Passive Income Update

I’m busy getting ready for my upcoming trip and also my business school applications so I’ll have to keep this short.

My passive income for November was $1,679.88. As expected it was slightly lower than last month. But some of the shortfall was made up by the purchase of some dividend generating stock in AAV and HTE in October. I also received a special 30% payout from the Korea fund, but I’m not counting that. I’m just counting the regular $13.00 dividend that it paid out.

Here’s a basic break down:

    Dividends/Interest: $611.01
  1. 2nd Trust Deeds/Direct Oil programs: $424.62
  2. Online income: $646.25

My online income also includes the $50 I received from referrals (sign up and get $25 free with a $50 deposit). It doesn’t include the interest I get from my Prosper loans but thats over $50 a month.

Adsense earning were up this month 36% to $262.50. I’m sure if I tweak the ad placement a little bit I can boost these earnings.

How was your passive income?

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