$1921.11 In Passive Income For December ’07!

My Passive income for December 2007 was $1,921.11.

Here’s the breakdown:

  • Online Income: $568.55
  • Savings Accounts: $128.47
  • Real Estate Trust Deed: $300
  • Direct Oil Drilling Investment: $163
  • Dividends from Canroys: $499.21
  • Other Dividends: $261.88

As usual, I ignored any income from Prosper loans. I did however include the $75 in referrals fees. If you’ve been thinking of lending or borrowing money on Prosper, now is a good time to do it. They’re offering a $25 incentive to new members.

Adsense revenue was down from last month, but since I wasn’t posting often due to my traveling, that was to be expected. Hopefully I can boost my online revenue this year. Once I’m done traveling, I should be able to focus more on this.

Traffic to the site has been increasing steadily every month, but until Google assigns it a pagerank I probably won’t get any direct sponsors.

The US Dollar has also strengthened against the Loonie in the past 6 weeks, so this has reduced the payout from my Canadian Royalty Funds. But I expect this trend to reverse and the dollar will continue weakening this year. On the other hand, I’m re-investing the dividends and so the number of shares and resulting dividends are slowly increasing.

I also expect interest rates to drop from the current 4%+ range to under 3% in 2008. But its only 6.6% of my passive income so that shouldn’t make too much of a difference.

The good thing is that the income is diversified across various investment classes and there are over 20 income streams. The largest source is the real estate trust deed which represents 15.6% of this month’s passive income. Even if the 4 largest income producers dry-up, I’m still going to be getting $1,200 per month. This is the best thing about having multiple streams of income.

Hopefully I’ll be able to cross the $2,000 mark soon and the $3,000 mark this year. (If the dollar becomes extremely weak against the Loonie, that’ll be much easier to achieve, but I hope the dollar doesn’t tank. Of course, unless Bernanke increases the interest rates, the dollar will not strengthen ).

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