Good News For Canroys?

I’m a big fan of Canadian Royalty Trusts, also called Canadian Income Trusts or Canroys. But lately, they have been under a lot of selling pressure. Coupled with the sell-off in global equities is the overhanging tax change that the Canadian government implemented last year. According to the change, canroys will lose their tax-exempt status and from 2011 there will be the usual double taxation that affects most companies (except for US REITs).

Accordingly, the share prices of most canroys have dropped considerably from their peaks and their valuations have become quite attractive at these levels. But there’s some good news for canroys.

Growing discontent with the ruling Conservative party has created a situation where the Labor party might come into power. The Labor party has promising to either extend that conversion deadline to 2017 or to significantly decrease the trusts’ post-2011 tax rate. Either of these would represent huge positives for the trusts. This strange situation of the liberals becoming energy trust saviors has even encouraged many life-long conservatives from the Albertan energy patch to help bring down the current Conservative government.

If this becomes a reality, canroys should see renewed interest and a spike in the share prices. Lets see how it plays out. Till then, I’m happy to keep collecting my dividends!

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