January’s Online Income Grows 36.92%

Since I’m still in India, I’m not really sure what some of my income checks are for the month of January. But I do know my online income, so I might as well provide that.

Last month I made $568.55 in online income from various sources. January’s online income rose by 36.92% to $778.

Even though Prosper Referrals were down, I referred over 30 new members in January. It can take between 60-90 days to get the referral so I’m optimistic that this number will be higher next month.

Adsense revenue was up nearly 50% and is now the largest individual contributor to my alternative income (both online and offline). While I don’t know if the increase will continue, I hope I can atleast maintain this level.

Linkworth was also up 15% this month. Two new publishers joined the program through my referral link so february’s income should be atleast 25% higher. I’ll also get 5% of the income they generate for life! I strongly recommend their program for text link ads. Bloggers also can get paid to write posts, but I haven’t signed up for this.

Kontera has been growing nicely. As my blog gets more traffic, this number should increase proportionately. I’m also part of their affiliate program (they’re really picky about accepting people into it) so hopefully, that’ll generate some income too.

January’s sleeper success was Amazon’s affiliate program ( in terms of percentage growth, not overall dollar amount). I’ve made more than 50% what I made for the entire last year. Hopefully, as I learn more about affiliate marketing, I can boost this portion of my online income.

While I’m no John Chow, who made $30k in January, I’m happy with the progress I’ve made so far. For the month of February, I expect my online income to break the $1,000 barrier.

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