Supplement Your Adsense Revenue!

I started using Kontera‘s pay-per-click (PPC) contextual advertising program in December. Last month I made $92.11 from it. The revenue is directly proportional to the traffic and also is also somewhat correlated to the type of content.

Finance-related content usually results in above average per-click amounts. However, content about Paris Hilton might pay 1/10th of the amount, but you typically get 10 times more traffic, so don’t fret if you niche is low paying. Just focus on creating good content. My experience has been that the per-click amount is lower than Adsense but its a good complimentary service that runs along-side Adsense, and it doesn’t violate Google’s TOS (terms of service).

Google used to prohibit publishers from using other contextual advertising programs in conjunction with Adsense, but they’ve recently eased this to allow programs that do not have the same look and feel.

My Kontera revenue is currently only 1/4th that of the Adsense revenue. However, since my Adsense revenues have been growing, Kontera doesn’t seem to be cannibalizing its revenue, so its all gravy!

Its very easy to implement and I’ve received excellent customer as well as technical support from them.

Even if you’ve never you considered monetizing your site, you should definitely try it out. For less than an hour’s work, an extra $1000 a year is definitely worth it!

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