Do You Need A Billion Dollar Home?

In a previous article, I mentioned that Donald Trump just sold the world’s most expensive home. Actually, the world’s most expensive home belongs to steel tycoon Laxmi Mittal and is valued at $125 million. However the world’s most expensive home is currently being built by Indian billionare Mukesh Ambani, son of legendary businessman, Dhirubhai Ambani. Its reportedly going to cost a staggering $2 Billion USD.

Considering that his networth is estimated at $43 billion that’s less than 5% of his networth. Quite a lot less than the average American has tied up in his house!

The house will be 27 stories tall and will have 400,000 sq ft of living space. I bet they’ll have maps with “you are here” arrows scattered through-out the house, along with handheld GPS device’s for guests. Maybe the’ll even geocaching tournaments too!

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